Solo, also known as autocross, is a safe, legal, and inexpensive way for the automotive enthusiast to get involved in motorsports. It works like this: A small ‘road race’ type course is set up in a large parking lot using rubber cones to define the course path. Each driver drives through the course alone, one lap at a time, with each lap timed electronically. At the end of the competition, the driver’s single best lap time is compared to the other driver’s best times in his/her class to determine the class winner.


Even though the object of an autocross is to get through the course as fast as possible, it is NOT a high speed affair. It is designed to be a test of car handling and driver skill, rather than who’s car has the highest top speed or most power. Typical average speeds are around 30 MPH with lap times running around 60 seconds. And since you are on the course alone, there is no risk of collision. Autocross offers the EXCITEMENT of racing without the DANGER.


There are different levels of car preparation, including the Street Category for unmodified street legal sports cars, sedans, and pick-ups. This category is by far the most popular because you can use your everyday street car as your ‘race car’ (most drivers at any typical autocross are competing in their daily driven car). Each category is further divided into several classes, so just about any car is competitive in its class. And a lot of advance preparation is not necessary. Just come to the event, register, and start racing!