What is road rally?

RoadRally is a scenic drive with a purpose, a chance to enjoy a day with a friend, the least expensive form of motorsport and as one par- ticipant described it, “The most intense thing I have ever done.”

Events do not involve speed and teams do not need specialized equipment for their car.

RoadRally starts months in advance when orga- nizers plan a route for teams to follow, deter- mine safe and legal speeds for each portion and then write up step-by-step instructions on where to drive using distance, landmarks or even mystery-style clues for teams to follow.

When designing the route, organizers make sure to set average speeds below the speed limits for the roads traversed. Competitors should never feel the need to speed or drive unsafe to meet time goals. The goal of a RoadRally is precision, not risk.

Teams will compete to see who is the best at reading the route instructions carefully, follow- ing the route, and maintaining the assigned average speeds. RoadRally teams are made up of two people with one of them – the driver – keeping eyes on the road and the other – the navigator – reading directions, figuring out times and helping spot landmarks.


What You Need:

•A street legal car, covered by an automobile insurance policy: Your car needs to be road legal and will have to pass a basic safety inspection which includes all working lights, windshield wipers, rear-view mirror, working brakes including a parking brake, seat belts for each occupant, a working horn and tires in road-worthy condition.

•In addition, each entered vehicle must be covered by a valid auto insurance policy as required by the state in which it is registered, and that the policy must be up to date throughout the event.

•Two people: Each RoadRally team is required to have two people - a driver and a navigator. Anyone on the team planning on driving during the event must also have a valid drivers license. Teammates can be best friends, spouses, parent and son/daughter, co-workers or random people you met at other automobile events.

•Some small stuff: When we say, "Small stuff" we mean something to write with (in order to do some math or make notes on the route instructions) some paper (to do math on) and some type of device which keeps time down to the second - usually a watch or smart phone.